“Grilled bananas” with more health benefits than ordinary bananas

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Grilled bananas” with more health benefits than ordinary bananas.

Bananas that Japanese people like to eat are mostly imported from the Philippines. They are cheap and can be bought and eaten all year round. In addition to the benefits of ripe bananas Grilled bananas are also another option for eating that has many health benefits. Come know the benefits of ripe bananas, grilled bananas, and the Japanese way of grilling bananas.

Benefits of ripe bananas

One banana has only 86 kilocalories of energy, but is rich in dietary fiber and valuable nutrients for the body, including vitamins B1, B2, niacin (B3), vitamin B6 and folic acid, which help Enhances the body’s energy metabolism and promotes healthy skin, hair and nails. Dietary fiber helps prevent constipation. Prevents the increase in blood sugar levels and helps suppress the absorption of cholesterol into the body. Potassium, which helps remove salt from the body. https://ufabet999.app It lowers blood pressure and helps reduce swelling in the body. Polyphenols, which are highly effective antioxidants Helps delay aging and prevent diseases caused by daily living. The amino acid tryptophan is an important amino acid in the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin that helps us feel relaxed. Helps reduce irritability and help you sleep well. Bananas are also high in magnesium. Which plays an important role in feeling relaxed and upbeat.

Benefits of grilled bananas

Grilled bananas have health benefits other than ripe bananas as follows:

  • Helps relieve constipation.

Roasting bananas increases the oligosaccharide content. which will be food for the good bacteria in the intestines Makes the intestinal environment better and has a good effect in preventing constipation

  • Helps strengthen the body’s immune system.

Approximately 70 percent of the body’s immunity is created in the intestines. When the intestinal environment is good, the body’s immunity will improve. Also, hot bananas It will help warm the body, which will result in a stronger body.

  • Effective in weight loss

If the intestinal environment is not good This will cause a high amount of gas to accumulate in the intestines. and results in reducing the body’s energy metabolism Makes you fat easily Eating grilled bananas that are high in oligosaccharides helps promote a good intestinal environment. Resulting in normal excretion. And helps enhance the body’s energy metabolism well. Therefore, it is a good way to lose weight from within.

How to make grilled bananas

Toast in a pan


  • Peel the bananas and cut them into bite-sized pieces.
  • Add olive oil. coconut oil Or add a little butter to the pan. Toast the bananas over low heat. Until both sides are brown. Then you can eat it as you like.
  • Toast with a toaster oven.


Place the peeled banana on aluminum foil. And toast in the toaster oven for 7-8 minutes per side until the banana peel is black. Then you can eat it as you like.

Microwave toast


  • Use the tip of a knife to make a slit on one side of the banana peel the length of the banana.
  • Put in a heat-proof container. And put in the microwave at 600 watts for 1-2 minutes or until the banana peel is black.
  • Peel bananas and eat as you like.

In addition, there are methods of grilling on a charcoal grill or using a hot air oven, etc.

The best time to eat grilled bananas

A good time to eat grilled bananas is during breakfast. To be a source of energy for other activities throughout the day, on busy days, grilled bananas and warm milk. It makes the body receive enough energy for studying or working. However, if you eat a single banana, you can eat up to 2 bananas per day, but if you also eat other fruits, it is recommended to eat 1 banana per day.